Awasul application seeks to maintain the privacy of your personal data, and we are complying with the provisions of the Data Protection and the right to Privacy Laws regarding the protection of your personal data, and we have formulated this "Privacy Policy" to show you the nature of the data collected about you, and the purposes for which this data is used, so please read this policy carefully. The term data refers to all the data relating to the users of Awasul application, which includes their name, address, contact details and any other data that identify the user as well as other data related to the user's activities through the application and data related to the devices used in the process of accessing the application.

Personal data we collect

  • We collect the data provided by the client to register his account on the application which includes (the first name, the last name, the email, the country_id choice and mobile number).
  • Data that you provide by filling in forms on the application. This includes information provided at the time of registration or at the time of posting material or requesting further services.
  • We may also ask you for information when you enter a competition or promotion sponsored by Awasul application.
  • The data added by the user to his personal file and the content published by him via the application.
  • The user shall grant us a non-exclusive, unlimited and irrevocable license to use his personal information submitted by him in the registration form online for the purposes of providing services, updating them or notifying him of matters connected with providing the services of the application.
  • The date of the electronic payment of the client.


  • The client provides us with the content of messages, videos, photos and comments through the application at his personal responsibility.
  • The user provides us with the content of the messages he sends to the application to inquire about the content of the services or packages.
  • We collect the data you provide to us to report on comments or problems that violate the terms and policies of Awasul application.

Data collected automatically

  • The client provides us with his number and his contact details when he contacts us through the application, whether via the application, email or phone.
  • We allow the user to communicate with the application, in this case the client provides us with the following information (name, email, subject of the message, content of the message).
  • We collect the data you provide to us while communicating with us to inquire about any of our services or to encounter the problems that facing your use of the application.


Awasul application collects some data for the users, which does not identify the user or its contact data, and is automatically collected, which includes, for example (data of the devices used in contacts, time of contact, its duration, the location of contact, IP address, pages visited, advertisement categories that the user target).

Cookies Policy

Awasul application adopts the cookies technology, which are small files stored within the hard disk of your computer. When you visit specific web pages from our application, the cookies identify your browser through a unique and random number without disclosing any personal information about you. The cookies help us to improve your experience of using the application and finding out which sections have the largest share of visit from our application.

Third Parties

Terms and conditions of third parties or merchants may be applied to the user, and these are not subject to our control and therefore the user must access to and agree on these policies before benefiting from the services or products provided by the third parties or merchants.

Purposes of Collecting Data

  • We collect data to register your account on the application, so that you can use our services and the various features we offer.
  • We collect your data to enable you to add comments through the application.
  • We collect your data for the purposes of documenting the contact details you have provided us with , and verifying your possession of them.
  • We collect your data for programme design purposes and provide you with the packages you request through the application or enable you from electronic payment via the application and recovery of funds in accordance with the terms of the agreement.
  • We collect your data to enable you to assess the services you get through the application.
  • We collect your data to enable you to contact us and provide replies to inquiries you have provided to us through the application.
  • We collect your data to individualize the content and the advertisements for you through the application.
  • We collect your data to nominate the advertisements and the products that we believe are of interest to you.
  • We collect your data to nominate the advertisements and the products that we believe are of interest to you.
  • We collect your data for law enforcement purposes or public authority decisions.

Limits of Data Disclosure

  • We disclose your data to our partners on the application , employees, those who work with us and client service providers for the purposes of implementing the services of Awasul application.
  • We disclose your data to comply with the provisions of the law and, to execute the judicial decisions and the decisions of the competent authorities in the Kingdom.
  • We disclose your data to implement our terms, conditions and any other agreement between you and the application.
  • We may disclose your data to our co-providers as electronic payment providers for the purposes of verifying the validity of these transactions.

Storage of The Data

We application all your data on fully protected and secure servers to protect your data from any hacking or piracy, and the storage of your data may require its transferring outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in case the application utilizes a hosting service provider.

Integrity of The Data

You know that the Internet is not a 100% safe and secure mean, so our databases may be hacked into even though we have taken proper data protection procedures. From the perspective of our respect for your right to protect your data we will notify you within 3 days of the time we know about the hacking.

Amendment of The Privacy Policy

We have the right to amend this privacy policy at any time, and we will publish the amendments within this document. Also we will send a public notification via our registered email explaining the link to the new amendments. And your continued use of the application after the amendments of this policy is considered as an express consent of you on these amendments, so please review this policy constantly.

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